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Metal Jacketted

Metal Jacketed Gaskets are used mainly on boiler and heat exchanger applications when ample bolting is available to correctly seat the gasket Metallic gaskets can come in different styles like : double jacket, single jacket or solid metal. The metal jacketed gaskets also may be designed & manufactured in different shapes and the styles with either integral or welded pass partition bars, in a variety of configurations as shown in the chart.

Metal Jacketed Gaskets can be manufactured to suit arange of chemical environments by selection of a suitable jacketing metals & fillers, the following meterials are available:

Jacketing Metal Options Jaketing Filler Options
soft iron Flexible Graphite
Stainless Steel 304, 316, 316L, 321, 410 PTFE
Soft Steel Asbestos/Non Asbestos
Copper Aluminium Titanium  


  • The metal jacket covering the filler material prevents contamination
  • Ensures high elasticity and recovery
  • Nearly any dimension and shape can be made
  • Easy to Install & handle
  • Suitable for high Temperatures & Preessures
  • Suitable for nerrow flanges